We need to talk!
  • Why do you create this website?
  • Because I love creative ads from superbowl! But it's only once a year!
  • The super bowl shows us that more the advertisement space is expensive more the ad is creative!
  • That's why I created THE MOST EXPENSIVE AD!
  • Bullshit! You've done this for the money!
  • Off course! I'm also a big fan of the The million dollar homepage idea! Is internet still crazy enough to become millionaire with only a great idea? Yes I think!
  • Will it be with this website? Or with THE MOST CREATIVE BILLBOARD, another off my brilliant ideas! Or both! I don't know!
  • This is ridiculous! Nobody will pay for that!
  • Off course! This idea is crazy! That's why internet will love it!
  • And if internet loves it: some people will pay!
  • ...Logic!
  • Everyone can buy a fancy car or a big yatch! But there is ONLY ONE MOST EXPENSIVE AD!
  • That's shure!
  • Why do you want to become millionar?
  • Just to have time to work on every idea I have! I need more time than money trust me!